Discover the serene landscaped gardens of Hawthorn Hill, where you will find oak, beech, ash, birch, chestnut, maple and plane trees. Enjoy meandering around the circular potager with its fruit, vegetables and flowers. Walk through the spectacular apple and pear arbour.

Explore further and you will find hens and ducks, large expanses of lawn, a tennis court and a tranquil lake surrounded by willow and aspen. Enjoy your morning exercise or evening yoga stretches in the stone temple. Play tennis, settle in a garden chair to read or simply lie on the lawn and soak up the gentle sun. Take your evening drink to the deck by the lake and listen to the frogs and ducks. Picnic under the shade of the oaks. In autumn, gather the chestnuts. Venture further to bushwalk.

The garden is designed in the classical park style. It was the inspiration for the charming and reflective book, 'Trees of History and Romance'. It also features in the rich and beautiful book, 'A Passion for Place'. The garden provides a natural sanctuary for wildlife. As well as the ducks, fish and frogs in the lake, you will find many different birds including little wrens and robins, honeyeaters and satin bower birds. At night, you will hear boobook owls, the occasional screech of a peacock, the drum of the emus from next door, and the rustle of foraging wombats.


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